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― 正思惟と正定の実践として、ゆるぎのない正しい統治を築くこと。その統治下の元では地域、地方、国家、国際レベルでのそれぞれの利害がぶつかり合うことなく、誰かを搾取することなく、市民的権利と人権が確実に尊重される。

― 正見と正行の実践として、文化や思想の多様性とその全てを包括する姿勢が広がること。それが非暴力社会の屋台骨となることで、ミャンマーが力強い民主主義国家として繁栄する。





The International Network of Engaged Buddhists Statement Calling for Reconciliation, Non-Violence, and Democratic Processes in Myanmar

09 February 2021

As the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB), our members—Buddhists as well as those of other faiths and non-religious standpoints—represent a variety of peoples across Asia, and other parts of the world including the Americas, Europe, Oceana, and Africa. Our network has a long commitment to building peaceful societies together through using a compassionate, holistic and thoroughly non-violent approach. As Buddhists, we find violence an unskillful way of dealing with conflict that also leads to intolerable levels of human suffering.

Regarding the unfolding situation in Burma/Myanmar, we are deeply concerned that reconciliation be achieved and the restoration of democratic processes occur through nonviolent means. Images during the past few days have shown nonviolent discontent by thousands of people in Myanmar with the unconstitutional seizure of power by the military. The military, most of whom are Buddhist, have been shown not responding with acts of aggression against the people, and we fervently hope that they continue

to do so.

We urge the civilian government under the leadership of the National League for Democracy (NLD) and the military of Myanmar to undertake an inclusive dialogue process with the support of religious leaders, ethnic representatives, civil society partners, and ‘88 generation leaders. Such leaders from outside the government and military can create a reflective space in which the NLD, particularly Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and the military, specifically General Min Aung Hlaing, may reconsider for themselves their true roles as representatives of the people’s will, and not their own visions as leaders or commanders of the people.

As fellow Buddhists, we urge them to practice generosity (dana), patience (khanti), and renunciation (nekkhama) to engage in service (dasa) to all peoples and sentient life in Myanmar, which will lead to longer term solutions, including:

☆ The firm establishment of right governance as an expression of right aspiration (samma-sankappa) and right concentration (samma-samadhi) in which local, regional, national, and international interests are harmonized to avoid the exploitation of others and ensure civil and human rights are honored as part of the system.

☆ Thewidepromotionofculturalandideologicaldiversityandinclusivityasanexpressionofrightview (samma-dithi) and right action (samma-kammanta), which forms the root of a non-violent society so that Myanmar can prosper as a vibrant democracy.

International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB)

INEB Secretariat Office : 666 Charoennakorn Road, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600 SIAM (Thailand) Tel. (+66) 081 803 6442 Email:

We invite any partners who resonate with these goals to reach out to us so that we can continue to build bridges and connections that contribute to finding solutions in Myanmar.



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