Keibo Oiwa
(Japanese pen Name:Tsuji Shin'ichi)

is a cultural anthropologist, author, environmentalist, and public speaker. He lived in North America for fifteen years and holds a ph.D. in Anthropology from Cornel University. The founder of the Sloth Club, Japan's leading "Slow Life" environmental group, he is in frequent demand for lecture and consultation throughout in Japan.

Oiwa hosts a monthly interview series for Sotokoto (Japan's leading ecology and lifestyle magazine), and has written or co-written four books in English, ten in Japanese and translated three books from English to Japanese. His professional interets are broad: the environment, food culture, socially responsible business, grassroots activism, Harlem and African American culture (the subject of two Japanese books), and Jews, Japanese and Native Canadians. His friendship and collaboration with David Suzuki, renowned Candian science broadcaster and host of CBC's The Nature of Thigs, has resulted in The Japan We Never Knew - A Journey of Discovery (published in the United States as The Other Japan). In Japan, he is widely known as the author of the influencial 2001 book Slow Is Beautiful, which is acclaimed to be a bible of Japan's Slow Movement, eco-cultural activism towards sustainable lifesyle. Oiwa's book Stone Voices:Wartime Writing of Japnese Issei (Vehicle Press) won the 1992 Canada-Japan Book Award. He lives in Yokohama with his family and teaches International Studies at Meiji Gakuin Univeristy.

Japan Contact Information:
Stone Voices:Wartime Writings ofJapaneseCanadian Issei
Vehicle Press 2002
Rowing the Eternal Sea:The Story of a Minamata Fisherman
Narrated by Ogata Masato
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Other Japan(also know as The Japane We Never Knew:A Journey of Discovery)
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Slow Is Beautiful
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Peace Rosoku-Tsuji Shin'ichi in Dialogues
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(Japanese Only)
Slow Business
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100 Keywords for "Slow Life"
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As Long As There's Black Music :Essays on African American Music Culture
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Slow Epicurian Manifesto
Shueisha 2004
(japanese only)
what I can do-the way to cool down the earth
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one drop by hummingbird
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(japanese only)
slow is beautiful
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