Personal History


1991 Age 11

March 91 Panelist, Environmental Youth Alliance International Conference, Kitsilano Secondary School, Vancouver, B.C.
Fall 91 Speech and Slide Show, Kitsilano Secondary School, Vancouver, B.C.
Fall 91 Speech and Slide Show, 3 shows, Britannia Secondary School, Vancouver, B.C.

1992 Age 12

March 92 "An Evening with the Environmental Children's Organization". Speech and Slide Show on the Amazon. Planetarium, Vancouver, B.C.
June 92 Severn started E.C.O., The Environmental Children's Organisation, in 1989. In 1991 and 1992 E.C.O. raised enough money to send five children and three adults to The Earth Summit in Rio, Brazil to be a "conscience" of the proceedings. They had a booth at the Global Forum and talked to hundreds of people and gave dozens of interviews. They gave speeches at:
The Open Speaker's Forum at The Global Forum;
Children's Day, Earth Parliament;
Education and Ethics Panel, Earth Summit;
Closing Plenary Speech, June 9, Earth Summit.
June 92 Speech and slideshow: Tennyson Elementary School, Vancouver, B.C.
Aug 92 Keynote Speech: The World Peace Prayer Society, Amenia, New York.
Fall 92 Speech and slideshow: Tennyson Elementary School, Vancouver, B.C.
Nov 92 Speech and slideshow: Worldwide Homemakers' Environmental Network, West Vancouver, B.C.
Dec 92 Speech and Co-facilitating of daylong workshop - "UNCED Revisited": The Global Education Project, Nanaimo, B.C.

1993 Age 13

Feb 93 Keynote Speech and slideshow - Environmental Youth Alliance International Conference, Vancouver, B.C.
Apr 93 Participant: Media Section: Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary Leaders, Okayama, Japan
Apr 93 Closing Speech - The Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentary (A gathering of world leaders including Gorbachev). Kyoto, Japan.
May 93 Speech: Milk International Children's Festival. Harbourfront, Toronto, Ontario
June 93 Speech and acceptance of The Global 500 Award, The United Nations Environmental Program. Beijing, China.
Aug 93 Keynote Speech: Canadian Peace Alliance/L'alliance canadienne pour la paix (Toronto). Lake Couchiching, Ontario.
Aug 93 Speech: Roots 20th Anniversary Benefit Gala. Toronto, Ontario.
Sept 93 Speech: Y.W.C.A., Calgary, Alberta. (Sent and read aloud to participants.)
Oct 93 Speech - Ontario Science Centre. Toronto, Ontario.
Oct 93 Speech: Conference: "Building Sustainable Communities": Ecommunity Environmental Forum, Mall of the Americas, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Oct 93 Speech: Vancouver Writers' Festival. With Wade Davis. Vancouver, B.C.
Oct 93 Speech - accepting the United Nations Association's John Gibbard Award. Vancouver, B.C.
Nov 93 Speech: An Evening for Clayoquot Sound. The Sierra Club, Victoria, B.C.
Nov 93 Speech: Kitsilano Community Centre. Banyen Books, Vancouver, B.C.

1994 Age 14

March 94 Host and Participant - Meeting of Young Environmental Activists from the Kansai Region. Osaka, Japan.
Aug 94 Speech and Slide Show. Heron Rocks Society. Hornby Island, B.C.
Aug 94 Speech aboard the Russian ship Alla Tarasova, for Adventure Canada, Greenland.
Sept 94 Speech: International Institute for Peace Through Tourism Convention. Montreal, Quebec.
Oct 94 Speech: Partners in our Future: Business, The Environment, and Students. Burlington, Ontario.

1995 Age 15

May 95 Speech: "Letters": Author Series; Opening of the Vancouver Public Library. With Wade Davis and Birute Galdikas.

1996 Age 16

April 96 Speech: Student Assembly, New Westminster Secondary School. New Westminster, B.C.
April 96 Speech: Earth Day. Sponsored by Vancouver City Savings Union. Vancouver, B.C.
July 96 Speech: Sharing The Spirit Conference. Comox, B.C.
Aug 96 Speech: Kuching Conference: Sarawak, Malaysia. (Sent and read aloud to participants.)

1997 Age 17

Feb 97 Speech: Youth Conference, Collingwood School. West Vancouver, B.C.
Dec 7-11, 97 Attended Kyoto Climate Change Meetings, UNFCCC COP3, Kyoto, Japan.
Dec 9 97 Speech: meeting with Network Earth Village, Kyoto, Japan.
Dec 97 Speech: Rally by The Bicycle People: Parade for Car-Free Streets; Vancouver, B.C.

1998 Age 18

Sept 98 Speech: 1998 Mother-Daughter Luncheon, Bishop Strachan School, Toronto, Ontario.

2001 Age 21

March 01 Sao Paulo: keynote address to Amana Key's business conference entitled The Art
of Making Things Happen
Nov. 29th '01 Toronto: Speeches at the Blueprint: Designing for Survival student conference,
Ursula Franklin highschool
Speech to students: Sustaining a Positive Vision of the Future
Speech to teachers: What I learned on My Summer Vacation: two months in the


1992 "Kids and the Environment", article in Environmental Youth Alliance Newspaper, Vancouver, B.C.
1992 Numerous articles, Environmental Children's Organization Newspaper; Vols. 1, 2, and 3; layout and publishing assistance from The Environmental Youth Alliance, Vancouver.
1992/93 Columns for the magazine The Monitor:
"ECO" - September 1992
"What We Can Do" - November 1992
"Galapagos" - February 1993
"Amazon" - 1993
"Antarctica" - 1993
1993 Book: Tell the World, Toronto, Doubleday, 1993.
1994 "What is it That You're Waiting For" and other articles on environmental issues for the Patagonia Catalogue, Spring 1994 edition.
Feb 94 "I'm only a Child, but..."; Article for Our Planet, magazine of the United Nations Environment Program; Special Issue: The Family & The Environment; Geoffrey Lean, editor of publications.
June 94 Interview published as a chapter in She Should Talk: Conversations with Exceptional Young Women about Life, Dreams & Success. Erica Ehm. Toronto, Harper Collins, 1994.
Sept 96 "The Voice of Youth"; inaugural article of the youth column, Ecolutions Environmental Magazine; Fall 1996 edition; Paul Boin, Editor.
1992 - 1996 Publication of the speech to the Earth Summit (Rio) in numerous publications, e.g.:
-The Earth Summit: A Planetary Reckoning. by Adam Rogers. Global View Press: Los Angeles, 1993.
-Whole Life Times, Annual Children's Issue, October 1993; Malibu, Ca.
-Earth Ethics: Evolving Values for an Earth Community, Centre for Respect of Life and Environment, Washington, D.C., Winter 1993 issue.
-Environmental Youth Alliance (Australia) Newspaper January 1993.
-International Business Communications: Promoting World Trade. North York, Ontario. September/October 1992 issue.
-Page Journal, B.C. Teachers for Peace and Global Education, February 1993.
-Share International, Vol.12, No.2 - March 1993; Amsterdam.
-The World Affairs Canada Quarterly, Toronto: Volume 1, No. 3; Fall 1992.
-To Be Y, edicao especial aniversario, No. 13. Yazigi International, Brazil.
-World Goodwill Newsletter, September 1992. London, Geneva, New York (Excerpts)
-Frontispiece, Final Report of the Great Lakes Educators Advisory Council to the International Joint Commission. International Joint Commission, September 1993 (Excerpts).

-Quarterly Report, South Twin Lake Conservation Society, Wausau, Wisconsin, 1997.
-Article on Primary Children's Education, Geography (journal), University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, 1997.

-many others, as permission is constantly being given to republish the transcript
1993-96 Publication of the Kyoto Speech in numerous publications, e.g.:
Hinduism Today, Volume 15, Number 7; July 1993. Concord, California.
Spring 97 "Tell the World", article for Future Now magazine.

In editing:
Book: Friendship That Spanned 5000 Years. Stoddart Publishing, Toronto, Ontario.


1987 "Kittens are Born"; "Sound"; "Taste"; "Collecting in a Swamp": various items for Sesame Street television programs; Cathy Chilco, Producer.
1990 "Tidal Pools", Nature Connection Series, CBC Television, Porpoise Bay Productions, Toronto, Ontario.

June 92 Subject of UNCED Television Reports from Rio de Janeiro, CBC Newsworld, David Halton; Eve Savory; CBC Toronto.
Jan 93 Participant in TV program "The Earth Summit: What Now?" Knowledge Network, Vancouver, B.C.
Jan 93 Participant, "What in the World is Going On?" CD-ROM interactive environmental diskette, Pixel Productions, Toronto, Ontario.
May 93 "Morningside", Peter Gzowski, CBC National Radio, Toronto.
June 93 "Gabereau", Vicky Gabereau, CBC National Radio, Vancouver.
June 93 "Midday", CBC National Radio, Toronto.
June 93 "Growing Up", Television Documentary on the Rio Conference, TVE (Television Trust for the Environment), Central Television, & UNICEF Coproduction, London, United Kingdom.
Oct 93 "Canada A.M.", CTV (Television)
Oct 93 Host and Writer,"Stand Up", student television pilot for youth, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver, B.C.

Jan 94 Presenter, "Earthfile", WTN Television, United Kingdom, Nigel Swettenham, Producer.
June 94 Host: Open Space - Four Colours Green, BBC TV, London, United Kingdom; Gerry Pomeroy, Producer.
Sept 94 Narrator: "First Peoples", Bananaphone, C.D. by children's singer Raffi, Troubadour Records, Vancouver, B.C.
Jan 1 95 Participant, "Discover", Inaugural Program of the Discovery Channel, Television (Canada).

Jan 95 Contributor, "True North Arrivals", CD ROM, Southam Inc., Toronto, Ontario; Brian Porter, Producer; multimedia resource in Ontario schools.
March 95 Host, "U-Turn", 22 minute television program on consumption for students, Suzanne Tabata, producer, Tabata Production Associates, Vancouver, B.C.
April 95 Participant: "Femmes/Women", Les Productions Point de Mire (Television), Rina Fraticelli Producer, Montreal, Quebec.
1995 Interview, National Public Radio (U.S.)
Nov 95 Subject of half-hour television program: "Severn Cullis-Suzuki", People Link Series, Rogers Cable Systems, Patricia Cottingham & Barbara Anderson Producers, Vancouver, B.C.

Oct 96 Host, "It's Eco-Logic", Lighthouse Productions (Television), Toronto, Ontario.
Mar 97 - July 99: Host: "Suzuki's NatureQuest", 26-part Television Series, Wendy Loten, Producer; Porpoise Bay Productions Inc. in association with Kaleidoscope Entertainment Inc., Toronto, Ontario.
Mar 98 Panelist on Program on Climate Change aired on On The Edge: Robert Mason Lee, Vancouver TV.


Sept 90 The Environmental Children's Organization: E.C.O., later E.Ch.O.


Director: FarmFolk, CityFolk Vancouver, B.C.
Director: Swim For Life Foundation, Vancouver, B.C.
Advisory Board Member: YIPPEE (Earth Camp) International, California, U.S.A.
Judge: Y.W.C.A. 1996 Women of Distinction Awards, Vancouver, B.C.
Sponsor: Environmental Youth Alliance, Australia.
Commissioner: UN's Earth Charter Commission, 1997-2001
Panelist: UN Secretary General's Panel for advising on the World Summit on Sustainable
Development 2001-2002


Sept 01-June 02 Currently a Senior in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University.
Summer 2001 Researcher at Pinkaiti Amazon Research Station, Para, Brazil.
Summer 2000 Power Shift 2000: with 5 other young women, powered a cycling trip across Canada in a campaign for Clean Air.



June 92 Certificate of Apreciation in Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to the Earth Summit, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, Prime Minister of Canada.
June 93 The Global 500 Environment Award. United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), Nairobi; awarded in Beijing, China.
April 95 Tommy Brayshaw Junior Conservation Award. North Pacific International Chapter, American Fisheries Society.
Oct 96 Adopted into The Raven and Wolf Clan of Tanu; the Haida Nation, Skidegate, Haida Gwaii; by Chief Chee Xial, Miles Richardson Sr., at traditional ceremonial potlatch. Haida name: Killthgula Gaayaa (Good Speaker).
Feb 97 Appointed member of the Earth Charter Commission by Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong. Delegate, Rio+5 Forum, Rio de Janeiro, March 13-19, 1997.
Nov 97 Named by the Hesquiat Tribe of the Nuu-chah-nulth Nation of the west coast of Vancouver Island; by Chief Klah-Kisht-Ke-iss, Simon Lucas, at traditional ceremony. Nuu-chah-nulth name: Mah-Nulth-Ath-Luk (She Who Looks Out for the World).
May 98 Adopted into the Housty Clan of the Heiltsuk Nation at Waglisla, Bella Bella; by Chief Naci, Gary Housty, at ceremonial potlatch.
March 00 Follow up on benchmark draft of Earth Charter,
June 01 Europe and North American Rountable conference in preparation for the Johannesburg Summit in Vail, Colorado
Oct 01 Johannesburg preparations with Kofi Anan and Eminent Persons


1989 First Prize: St. Roch Art Contest/Concourse artistique. Maritime Museum, Vancouver.
March 91 Selected for In the Mood for Mystery: Young Writers' Conference. Vancouver School Board.
May 91 Certificate of Appreciation, Turn on the Lights Project. For artwork: contribution to the beautification of Downtown Vancouver. Business Improvement Association.
Oct. 92 The VanCity Youth Environmental Service Award. Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.
92 - 96 Apprenticeship with renowned Haida artist Bill Reid.
Oct 93 John Gibbard Youth Award. B.C. United Nations Association.
April 94 Leader of Tomorrow Award. Volunteer Vancouver.
1994 Finalist: YTV Achievement Award honouring Canadian youth and excellence.
Jan 95 Official Selection: 1995 Ontario Silver Birch Book Award. Ontario Library Association. For her book Tell The World.
May 96 Y.W.C.A. "Women of Distinction" Awards, Vancouver, B.C.: Judge.


June 93 Honour Roll. Kitsilano Secondary School.
June 94 Principal's List (A average). Kitsilano Secondary School.
June 94 Passport to Education Scholarship: $125
1994 Canadian Mathematics Competition (Pascal): Certificate of Distinction. University of Waterloo Faculty of Mathematics.
June 95 Principal's List (A average). Prince of Wales Secondary School.
June 95 Passport to Education Scholarship: $175
June 96 Honour Roll. Kitsilano Secondary School.
June 96 Passport to Education Scholarship: $225
June 96 Principal's List (Over 85% average). Kitsilano Secondary School: "A recognition of exceptional performance in both academic and non-academic studies."
Dec 96 Canadian Merit Scholarship Provincial Award. "The top three per-cent in Canada's largest independent open awards competition."
Feb 97 Canada Trust Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Community Leadership & Scholarship: $500.
June 97 AP (Advanced Placement) in four subjects: English, Calculus, French Language, and French Literature.
June 97 Passport to Education Scholarship: $275 (Four-year total $800)
June 97 Provincial Scholarship Award for Excellence: $1000
March 97 Accepted at Yale University, Princeton University, and Amherst College.
April 01 Presented with the Thoreau fellowship $3500 US.


Starting Lineup, High School Basketball Team, annually from Grade 7 through Senior Year in Secondary School. City Championship for final three years Grades 10, 11 and 12. Grade 12: School Provincially Ranked for the first time in 40 years (8th of 400 schools in Province).
March 94 Named to the city-wide Vancouver All-Stars Basketball Team. Grade 9.
Aug 94 Bronze Sail IV Certificate. Kitsilano Yacht Club.
March 95 1995 Vancouver District Junior Basketball Championship. Prince of Wales Secondary School.
April 95 Named to the city-wide Vancouver Junior Basketball Team. (All-Stars)
May 95 District Cup, Under 17, Silver Division, Point Grey Soccer.
Dec 95 Santana Horsman Chevron Christmas Classic Basketball Tournament, San Diego.
March 96 1996 Vancouver District Senior Basketball Championship. Kitsilano Secondary School.
Dec 96 Santana Horsman Chevron Christmas Classic Basketball Tournament, San Diego.
Feb 97 1997 Vancouver District Senior Basketball Championship. Kitsilano Secondary School.
Feb 97 Award: Best Defensive Player of the Tournament, 1997 Vancouver City Senior Basketball Championships.
Mar 97 8th Place. 1997 British Columbia Provincial AAA Senior Girls Basketball Championship Tournament.


Snowboarding (Advanced)
Ocean Kayaking
Whitewater Kayaking
Whitewater Rafting (Leader in Training)
Whitewater and Ocean Canoeing
Backpacking (including Winter Camping)
Good fisherman! (Freshwater and Ocean).


"Your daughter was the real star of the Conference and when I move back to Canada I hope I will have a chance to see both of you and discuss the immense job that now faces us all in following up on Rio." - Maurice Strong, Secretary-General of the Rio Earth Summit of June 1992; July 2, 1992.

"That was the best speech at Rio." Senator Al Gore, June 1992.

"A Small Voice Carrying a Large Burden: While speaking at the Indigneous People's Earth Parliament, 12-year-old Canadian activist Severn Suzuki held the audience in awe with her eloquent and articulate description of the planet's ailments. Among those in attendance was UNICEF director James P. Grant, who told Suzuki that he was going to give a transcript of her speech to Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney when he arrived in Rio to sign the documents. Grant did more than that: he brought Suzuki to the attention of UNCED Secretary-General Maurice Strong, telling him that the young lady had a message that the world needed to hear, and asking him to make room for her in the UNCED Plenary proceedings....What resulted was what Senator Al Gore called "The best speech of the Rio Conference." July 1992: Toronto Star columnist Michele Landsberg, wife of Stephen Lewis, Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations.

"As Head of the Canadian Delegation, I want to personally thank you for your effort and your contribution and it gives me great pleasure to recognize this in a formal way through the attached certificate from the Prime Minister who shares my high regard for your work." Jean Charest, Minister of the Environment, Canada. November 4, 1992.

"The best speech I heard at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio was an electrifying talk by Vancouver's 12-year-old Severn Suzuki. An outstanding spokesperson for the hopes and fears of the world's children, Severn speaks with compassion for the endangered family of Earth....On behalf of her generation and those yet to come, Severn's strong call for change is unique in its logic and in its moral voice." - Children's singer Raffi, May 14, 1993.

"UNEP has decided to pay tribute to your outstanding environmental work by naming you to its 'Global 500' Roll of Honour. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations. I wish to invite you to Beijing China to receive the Certificate of Honour..." - Elizabeth Dowdswell, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme, New York. April 30, 1993.

"If children could be made leaders in environmental programs, Severn would surely be among them. She makes more sense than most adults who engage in small talk and do nothing. Severn, like many children her age are doers and that means a lot when it comes to the environment. At age 5, she fought for the Indians in British Columbia to protect them from logging interests. At age 10, she founded the Environmental Children's Organization which participated in the Earth Summit and brought the house down with her impassioned speech." - The United Nations Environment Programme, Information and Public Affairs Branch, Nairobi. May, 1993.

"I am very pleased to offer you my warmest congratulations on having recently been named to the Global 500 Youth Environmental Award Roll of Honour of the United Nations Environment Program. This prestigious award is ...recognition of the great potential which lies in your future. You have proven yourself to be a young lady with tremendous enthusiasm, talent and intelligence; qualities which are matched only by your desire to preserve the environmental wonders of our world." - Ramon Hnatyshyn, The Governor General of Canada. May 27, 1993.

"This articulate youngster is an outstanding spokesperson for the hopes and fears of the world's children. She has great compassion for the underprivileged, a strong sense of social justice, and possesses a faultless logic which, combined with her young age, gives her arguments a moral imperative that can not be ignored. I feel that her role as the youth voice on the International Green Cross Board would truly exemplify the value change you seek to embody." - Children's singer Raffi to Rabbi Soetendorp and Mikhail Gorbachev, Green Cross, The Hague. May 10, 1993.

"Your commitment to the environment sets an example for both youth and adults and brings hope for the future." -Tore Brevik, Chief, Information & Public Affairs, United Nations Environment Programme. July 5, 1993.

"Raffi has kindly sent me a copy of the speech you recently presented in Kyoto. Your insight and eloquence are exceptional!...Your commitment is recognized as a great motivating force for both the young and the old." - Arthur Campeau, Q.C., Ambassador for Environment and Sustainable Development, Canada. July 2, 1993.

"We have transcribed your speech [in Amenia, New York] and I am continually impressed with your dedication and insights. Your speech was powerful and moving. You are the kind of person who will make great improvements for the betterment of our planet Earth." To Severn's Mother: "We often speak about the Festival; in large part its success was due to your daughter's tremendous contribution. You must be very proud of her. She's a rare person who will go far in life. How gratifying it must be for you to see how much she has accomplished." Taira Tanaka, Managing Director, The World Peace Prayer Society, New York, N.Y. October 15, 1992.

"She's a media star. Groups around the world are clamoring for her to speak. Her name is Severn Cullis-Suzuki and she's 13 years old." - The Vancouver Sun, July 10, 1993.

"Severn's presentation [at Burlington] was powerful, inspiring and to borrow a word from my kids - awesome. The audience of 350 were captivated by her words and delivery....I was personally blown away by her presentation and delighted to have met her. This was a very special day for me." - George Torok, Burlington Sustainable Development Committee. October 16, 1994.

"Your daughter has a great future in public speaking." Vice-President Al Gore, 1994.

"What a delight to share with you perhaps your 'first public stage'! Already you are publicly encouraging youth and elders to 'rekindle their culture' to respect mother Earth. Many EYA participants told me how much you touched them during our intergenerational presentation and during your ECO workshop." Ronald Leger, CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency). May 18, 1991.

"I realize that she has a true gift for writing that I want to support and encourage. In class, I see her as an analytical thinker. She is a leader and she is an original. Congratulations, Severn!" - Marie-Paule Fancello, Gifted/Enrichment Teacher, March 11, 1991.

"I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at the Burlington Environmental Conference two years ago and I truly feel that you can make adults listen and inspire other youth to speak out and act." - Paul Boin, Editor, Ecolutions Magazine, September 1996.

"I was impressed with the power of your delivery and the truth of your statements." - Bev Suderman, International Cooperation Coordinator, YWCA Calgary. October 6, 1992.

"Severn Cullis-Suzuki, only 14 years old, personifies the example and leadership young people have to offer." Volunteer Vancouver, YWCA B.C.

The closing words of the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro:
"You heard the other night from a fellow Canadian, a lovely young 12-year-old girl, Severn Suzuki. I want to close these remarks by reminding you of what she said, which I believe every child on this planet will have in his or her heart as they look to what you have done here at Rio.
She said, 'Parents used to be able to comfort their children by saying Everything's going to be all right; we're doing the best we can, and it's not the end of the world. But you can't say that to us any more.
'Our planet is becoming worse and worse for all future children. Yet we only hear adults talking about local interests and national priorities. Are we even on your list of priorities? You grown-ups say you love us, but we challenge you to make your actions reflect your words.'
And we are challenged, in the responsibilities we carry as we leave Rio, to make our actions reflect the words which have testified to our commitment here." -Maurice Strong, Secretary General, Rio Earth Summit: United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED); the closing words of the Rio Conference.

"David Brower, as you know, is thought to be the grandfather of the modern-day environmental movement. He respects you very much....Throughout David's travels around the world he proudly plays your videotaped speech....He looks up to you as an eloquent young leader for the environmental community and is inspired by your vision and strength." Bill Buck, Earth Island Institute, San Francisco California June 3, 1995.

"Your VanCity Earth Day speech on environmental citizenship was brilliant and thought provoking"-Vancouver. "We are proud to have featured such an eloquent speech in our annual Children's issue" -California. "You very admirably represented the voice of youth at the I.I.P.T. Conference....You reminded us of what's truly important in life....Severn, you are a very special person." -Montreal. "Severn's presentation was powerful, inspiring and to borrow a word from my kids -- awesome." -Burlington. "Without a doubt, many people are changed individuals as a result of...that day" -Nanaimo. "I found your message so powerful and really believe you are making such a difference to people's lives...I was so moved by your speeches and challenged to consider better ways in which I can make a difference..." -Sydney, Australia. "A 14-year-old environmental crusader is visiting to encourage her Japanese peers to put more pressure on those controlling the fate of the Earth" -Osaka, Japan. "Congratulations to your group on putting into words this loving warning. We are proud to spread this message to teenagers throughout Brazil..." Sao Paulo, Brazil. "I am a professor of environmental studies....Your speech really encouraged and gave incentive to my students" Yamanashi, Japan. "It's really important that young people's views get listened to. Thanks a lot! Edinburgh, Scotland.. "I feel I am doing well in my effort, Severn. That was your speech at the Rio Earth Summit which initiated me to struggle for a better environment all my life. I hope I can get an invaluable knowledge from your experience. And I have started the journey now." -Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

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