Sloths are lazy bones?
  Sloths are mammals living in tropical rainforests in South and Central America. Sloths leisurely spend most of their lifetime in hanging upside-down from branches 10 to 30 meters above the ground, and therefore they have been looked down upon as idleness, dullness and fools for centuries. However, these understandings about sloths are not true!
  Thoroughgoing low-energy lifestyle

Sloths have about half as much muscle tissue as other animals of similar weight, and then they move slowly. But they can climb thin trees, and therefore they donft have more chance to be threatened by predators. They also eat and sleep while hanging upside-down from branches with curved claws, and then they donft use their energy. When their low energy gradually runs low, they remain unmoving to wait for next morning. In the next morning, they climb on the top of trees and soak up the sunshine to recharge their energy.

  Ultimate recycle spirit
  Sloths risk their life to climb down to the ground to urinate and defecate. When they defecate, they dig a shallow pit to defecate there, and then they always cover there with dead leaves. This defecating custom has an important meaning of trees because they return half nutrition value to the trees which support their life to support and grow the trees. This is recycling.

The sloth way of symbiosis


We assumed sloths ate only one kind of tree, however, actually they are known to eat nearly 90 kinds of trees. They wander from a tree to other trees to live in any favorite trees, and therefore they have avoided conflicts among their group. They also pass down their favorite feed to their children. Mother sloth hands down a part of her trees to her children when they become independent.

  Suggestion of the sloth way of lifestyle
  If we mankind make our motto efaster, bigger, strongerf and keep running in the rat race under mass production, mass consumption and scientism, what on earth is going to happen to our future? Is it high time for us to emulate slothfs excellence about low energy, nonviolence, peace, symbiosis and recycling lifestyle? Would you like to reconsider our past lifestyle?