What are the goals in The Sloth Club?
  The Sloth Club is a nonprofit group without pursuing profit.
  We hold the following three concepts and carry on multiple movements.
  - Preserve forests in which sloths live; an environmental movement
  - Suggest a lifestyle of symbiosis of human beings and environment; cultural activities
  - Support the local areas through fair trades; eco-business
  The details of our concepts are as follows.
  1 Suggestion and practice of the slow life

The Sloth Club drafted eself-motivating electrical outage movementf in 2001, and then this movement has been developing nationwide as eCandle Night-Summer Solsticef since 2003.

  eSlowf means reconnections with each other. The Sloth Club will continue to suggest and practice the slowdown in various scenes in lifestyles through events or communications on the Internet.
  We consider that the basis of the slow life is eblowing offf any wars, and therefore we have been carried on movements for no-war and peace.
  2 Support for worldwide environment practices through fair trades
  The Sloth Club has made fair trades of organic coffee and handicrafts especially in Ecuador to support sustainable economic activities there.
  3 Establishment of Sloth Fund
  The Sloth Club established Sloth Fund to preserve worldwide forests including sloths and rainforests. Dues for The Sloth Club members are funded as Sloth Fund and used to support environmental movements especially in Ecuador. The Sloth Club also hopes to willingly introduce notions of native people which have tried to preserve forests and support interaction between native people and us.
  4 Planning and support of Slow Business
  New wave of working on environmental problems from the point of view of economic activities receives publicity recently. The Sloth Club defines of businesses of symbiosis of human beings and environment especially about fair trades and the slow life to support social movements like these.