What is The Sloth Club?
  The Sloth Club is a NGO, which was set up in July of 1999. The Sloth Club is made up of people from all walks of life such as students, working people, free men or different countries. The Sloth Club has set out that;
  eWe are going to be the sloth!f
  There have been a large number of movements to preserve the endangered species such as esave the whalef or esave the elephantf. However, our concept is a little different from existing movements. We have tried to not only preserve one particular animal but carry on the worldfs first movement to be the animal itself.
  eLazing like slothsf do not have the same meaning of slobbing or blowing off work to do. On the contrary the Sloth Club members keep busy every day. You want to know why? Because members have been trying to use as few electrical energy or national gas as possible like the sloth and live in earth-friendly ways like the sloth, diffuse our sloth-like lifestyle and make energy-saving goods. Also the Sloth Club members are enjoying acting as mentioned above.
  Do you know Ecuador in South and Central America, which is right on the equator? There are world-famous Islas Galapagos or Quito in Ecuador. The Sloth Club has madefair trades* with Ecuadorian and organized eco-tours to Ecuador along with them.
  And then we have been trying to carry my own canteen without drinking out of plastic bottles or canned juice. We also have switched all the lights off on the evening of the summer solstice and enjoyed the darkness. We have come up with other fun activities and put them into action. We recommend elazing like slothsf to other people.
  Why donft you join us in The Sloth Club?
  *fair trade is a trading under fifty-fifty relationship between producer and consumer
  Why Is the Sloth Club Unique?
  There have been many global campaigns to 'Save the Whales' or 'Save the Elephants', but the core of the Sloth Club concept is to actually 'become' a sloth. The aim is to emulate some of the basic behaviors of the sloth in order to find a way to live in harmony with the earth.
  So what does it mean to be 'sloth'? Is a sloth lazy and dirty? Is a sloth stupid and slow? Ask yourself the question: Is a sloth really sloth-like? You may be truly surprised to find out how they live.
  We now realize that most humans (especially in rich countries) are usually busy living in ways that destroy the planet - we want to promote the concept of 'doing' less, living simply, minimising our destructive impact and finding joy in our life without consuming an endless chain of meaningless things. The three-toed Sloth may be our greatest teacher in how to do this. It is also one of the animals that cannot live without the primary forest. Maybe the best way to save the Sloth is to become sloth-like. Shift from the culture of the 'more, faster and tougher' to that of 'less, slower and non-violent'.