Slow Tourism

We make the Slow tour to Ecuador, Bhutan,Canada, Myanmar, Iriomote Island and so on.


Here is out concept to make the tour. Why don't you join us?

  ĄSlow tourism manifesto
  1.Slow tourism is reconnecting.

Feel the nature, and study, protect and enjoy it.Our goal is to reconnect people, and provide the trip to rediscover connection between people and nature.

  2.Slow tourism is the cultural trip.
  Experience the local culture and its diversity, and appreciate them.
  3.Slow tourism is the ecology.
  Airplane, automobilec we understand these necessities have big impact on the ecosystem.So, we practice something small to change the world better place, like planting a tree, or picking up trash, not creating it.
  4.Slow tourism is the fair trade
  We visit and support indigenous people and producers who choose to have organic and sustainable economy and society.
  5.Slow tourism changes you.

What can you bring back to your life? Everything starts from the moment you come home from the slow tourism.


YOU are the one who makes slow tour.


The sloth clubNovember 2006